About Pastor Ruth Peterson, Hope Lutheran Church

Rev. Ruth Peterson became the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church on July 1st, 2020.

Growing up in the church, the call came loud and clear to Pastor Ruth. From her days as a teen leading worship at her home church, she began her career rather early.

Pr. Peterson got her Master of Divinity degree right here in the East Bay at Pacific Lutheran Seminary in Berkeley., and studied at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks as an undergrad.

Her first call was to Zion Lutheran Church in Stockton, where she had the privilege of serving God alongside our future Sierra Pacific  Synod bishop, Mark Holmerud.  She continued working in the West as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Reno.

Then, the Spirit decided she really needed to go West, as she was called to Joy of Christ Lutheran Church in Pearl City, Hawaii, near Pearl Harbor.

Hope Lutheran Church completed a call process and the congregation received Pastor Ruth into their community in June, with her official start date on July 1st.

Pastor Ruth also concurrently serves a 75% time call at Christ Lutheran Church in nearby El Cerrito.

Please join us for worship on Sundays to get to know Pastor Ruth better.

Her contact information is below should you need her for any reason throughout the week.

The Reverend Ruth Peterson, Pastor
510.222.6394 – office
e-mail: hlcespastor@gmail.com

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